Write for Mac

A beautiful way to take notes on your Mac.

An elegant interface with gorgeous typography

Clean. Beautiful. Distraction Free.

Distraction Free

All the buttons and options fade out gently as you begin typing.

Multiple Fonts

Choose from set of 8 handpicked fonts or go ahead and use your own font.


Organize your notes with Tags. All tags will be automatically saved to Maverick's Finder.

Syntax Highlighting

Automatically highlights most commonly used Markdown syntaxes.

Butter Smooth

Highly optimized scrolling performance so no matter how large your document is, it'll be super smooth.

Live Word Count

Not just simple word count, hover your mouse over count & see detailed document statistics.

All your notes in 1 place. Neatly arranged.

Unified Library - No matter where you save your notes - iCloud, Dropbox, Box.net or Google Drive, simply add the location via the + button and Write will arrange them neatly. You can then have quick access to them whenever you need.

Unified Tags - Any tags you add via Write for iOS or Mac will be listed here. Tags are automatically synced with the iOS app over iCloud. Any tag you add via Write will be available in Finder (Mavericks only).

Robust Search - The search function in Write allows you to quickly find the note you want by searching through its contents and all sub-directories.

A lot of sharing options!

Want to export your note or publish it as a web page? No problem, Write has got you covered. With full MultiMarkdown 4 support, you can export properly formatted HTML with tables, references and images.

  • MultiMarkdown 4 Support
  • Customizable Export CSS
  • Export as PDF, RTF or HTML
  • Share over Twitter, Facebook, iMessage or AirDrop

All the features you'll ever need

It's the little things that count

Copy Plain Text & HTML

Select a piece of text, right click on it and Copy HTML option will convert the selected text into properly formatted HTML code and copy it into the clipboard.

Document Statistics

Hover over the word count and you'll be presented with additional stats about the document such as number of characters, sentences and the reading speed.

Writing Modes

Write offers you 3 writing modes. The hybrid mode with syntax highlighting is set by default. The rich md mode is a special mode which allows you to hide all the markdown syntax and get a WYSIWYG formatting effect.

All Tags Available in Finder

Any tag you add via Write for iOS or Mac will be added to Finder*. Now find your note easily even when Write is closed.

*requires OS X Mavericks

Type Writer Mode

Type Writer mode allows you to keep the text entry position fixed in the middle of a page just like a type writer. Writing in this mode will give you the closest feel possible to writing with a real typewriter.

Add Images or Links

Adding images or links is easy with a special panel. You can activate this panel with a ⌘ + L   or ⌘ + ⌥ + I shortcut.

Or you can simply drag & drop images and Write will automatically generate image reference code.

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