Cursor Trackpad and Swipe Selection

Full Screen Writing and Shortcut Toolbar

A unique cursor trackpad allows for precision cursor placement and swipe selection makes selecting the part of text accurate!

You won’t find this feature in any other competitive app!

Passcode Lock

Passcode Lock

Worried about storing sensitive information? The Passcode lock feature will give you some peace of mind.

You can set a 4 Digit Passcode so that every time you open the app, it will ask you for your passcode.

Pull to Save and Pull to Delete

Pull to Animation

A never-before-seen way to quickly save or delete your notes. Saving notes was never this fun!

You have to try this out for yourself to experience the coolness.

2 Stunning Themes

Write Themes

Cloudy White and Space Gray - Two new themes to match your iPhone and they both look fantastic!

Custom URL Actions

URL Actions

Write supports unlimited custom URL based Actions. If you know your way around iOS URL scheme you can create some sweet automated workflows.

Here's a good list of URL Schemes of most well known iOS apps.

Full Screen Writing and Shortcut Toolbar

Full Screen Writing and Shortcut Toolbar

Full screen writing allows you to concentrate on what matters most – Writing! Easily switch to full screen mode with the familiar pinch out to zoom and pinch in to exit fullscreen mode.

The Shortcut toolbar provides frequently used Markdown formatting and even allows Markdown preview while writing.

Your favorite files just a tap away

Favorite files

There are some notes which you’d want to refer to quickly on a regular basis. These notes tend to get lost among the number of other notes that get accumulated over time.

With Write for iPhone, you can favorite the notes that matter most to you and quickly get to them when you need via a single tap!

Quick Look

Quicklook Mode

A unique Quick look inspired way to peek at the contents of any file without opening it.

You can activate quick look view with a 1 finger long press gesture on the file name from file list.

Custom Fonts and Brightness Control

Font & Brightness

Customise the look of your notes with different fonts. Quickly change the brightness while you are writing or reading the notes.

You can quickly reach this menu with a 2 finger long press gesture.

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